Sumi Engineering believes that innovation and quality assurance is key to developing leading machine. We are continuous improve our processes to being our customers innovative quality products and services against centrifuge equipment. Sumi Engineering has more than 10 years of practical experience with the customer problem solving against high-performance decanter centrifuges & Separators. With facilities all over the world, we are in a position to provide customers with a superior product, superior service and superior results at any location in India as well as over the word.

The manufacturing unit is well equipped with sophisticated range of latest machinery that helps us in developing international quality products. In addition, the advance range of machine supports us in effortless execution of the bulk orders. These machines are operated and managed by a team of engineers and technicians, who have a complete mastery over the CAM operations.

What We Offer

We are committed to offer you a true experience of service and liability for your company and your process. In the present and in the future. Sumi Engineering started as a repair and service facility and for the last 10 years we has been servicing, repairing, maintaining, consulting and optimizing EVERY brand of decanter centrifuges. Our working knowledge of the centrifuge and centrifugal process, along with our manufacturing know-how give us a leading edge in every aspect of centrifuge service and repair.